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Best Nail Glue Super Strong Glue For Nails Extension Press On Nails 15ml*2


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Soft Gel Nail Tips Glue | 2pcs | Solid State Soak Off Super Strong Glue for Acrylic Nails Curing Needed For Nails Extension Press On Nails 15ml*2 for Gel Jelly Tips.


Color: Clear


  • ❤️Great Quality Solid Nail Glue Gel: Solid glue gel for soft gel tips, make with innovation nail glue gel quick curing 30-40s, bright clear glue gel non-yellowing great sticking.
  • ❤️Easy to Use: Special bottle mouth can control the glue gel well no need brush and the solid glue gel help apply evenly on the tips, sticking perfect with your nails, solid state glue no need hold the tips when curing easy process for starter or nail technician. Saving time and money.
  • ❤️Long Lasting 4 weeks+: The longer time cure will last longer. The Solid state nail glue gel can retain the function of adhesiveness no easy to stick dirt, the thin and solid state adjustable glue gel can better connect tips and nails,no easy peel off maintain 4 weeks+.
  • ❤️No Harm Ingredient Glue Gel: Low odor, No harm to your nails,Innovation ingredient soak off nail glue gel Solid state need curing can protect orign nails well, easy remove no destroy the natural nails.
  • ❤️Suit All Kinds of Tips: UNA GELLA Solid Nail Glue can work well with the normal nail tips especially soft gel tips, also can use on the translucence press on nails, great adhesiveness.

Package Dimensions: 22x106x40

Details: UNA GELLA GEL TIPS INNOVATION NAIL Glue Gel Soak Off for Soft Gel Tips UNA GELLA always try bringing technology to the nail tips -UNA GELL Nail Glue Gel Solid State | Bright Clear | Features: Material : High quality Super Glue gel Occasion : Spa, Home, Salon, etc.How to use as Nail Glue? 1 File your nail bed and clean the oil of the nails 2 Apply the glue gel on the tips 3 Press the nail tips on the nails(MAKE SURE NO BUBLE AND PRESS ON WELL) 4 Curing the glue gel 30-45s(MAKE SURE KEEPING PRESS ON WHEN CURING THE NAILS) 5 Finish

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Best Nail Glue Super Strong Glue For Nails Extension Press On Nails 15ml*2