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15ml No Wipe Top Coat Gelish Nail Polish UV LED Drying Set


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Elevate your at-home nail game with Vishine’s No Wipe Top Coat and Base Coat Set! This kit includes a 15ml Base Coat and a 15ml No Wipe Top Coat, essential for achieving flawless, long-lasting manicures. Compatible with all soak-off gel nail polish brands, this set is perfect for both beginners and experienced nail enthusiasts.

Product Sales Bullets:

💅 Professional Base and Top Coat Set: Vishine’s Base Coat and High-Gloss Mirror Top Coat ensure professional-quality results right at home. Say goodbye to salon visits and hello to stunning nails in the comfort of your own space!

🌱 Healthy Nail Polish Gel: Formulated with 9 toxin-free ingredients, our nail varnish set prioritizes nail health without compromising on performance. Experience low odor and peace of mind knowing your nails are protected with every application.

💡 Compatible with All Brands: Whether you prefer classic or trendy nail polish brands, our base and top coats are versatile enough to work with them all. Enjoy the flexibility to create stunning manicures with your favorite gel nail polish brands.

🌟 Long-lasting Wear: With our protective, high-gloss shine, your manicure will last up to 30 days without chipping or fading. Enjoy the confidence of knowing your nails will stay flawless and beautiful for weeks on end.

🏡 Salon-quality Results at Home: Transform your home into a nail salon with Vishine’s professional-grade nail supplies. From base coat to top coat, our kit has everything you need to achieve salon-worthy nails without ever leaving your house. Indulge in iconic and trendsetting nail shades inspired by the latest fashion trends.

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15ml No Wipe Top Coat Gelish Nail Polish UV LED Drying Set